Grow MRR and reduce churn

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The Armatic platform allows you to set up any number of subscription plans. We include everything that you need to manage subscriptions and set up recurring payments. The Armatic subscription module works in tandem with our billing and invoicing solution, to ensure proper synchronization with your accounting system.

We simplify subscription management

Trial Periods

Plan Editor

Prorate Subscription Changes

Pause Subscriptions

A complete subscription suite

  • 1. Service Periods

    Adjust the service start date and subsequent billing - decoupled from your initial charge.

  • 2. Coupon Manager

    Create any type of coupon variation to be applied to your customers - one time coupons or for the duration of the subscription or specific billing period.

  • 3. Flexible Billing Models

    We support one time charges, recurring auto-charges and recurring invoices - all based on your subscription and client set up.

Online Subscription Sign Up

Customize your online sign up pages

Sign Up

New and existing customers can self service with online sign ups, downgrades and upgrades of subscriptions.


Customers provide all payment information via your self service sign up process and customer portal.


All information is pushed in real time to your accounting system for complete control of all of your subscription customers.


Automatic failed payment recovery

Payment Recovery

Additional Features

Migration Services

Tax Rates