Faster agreements, no more order entry

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The Armatic contract module keeps your sales team’s contracts accurate with contract templates that allow you to define variable inputs and locked content.

Track all customer document touch points: from sent, viewed to signed.

Create any type of contracts fully integrated into your price table.


Put your contracts on autopilot

No more second guessing, let your sales team handle all aspects of new contract creation with a clearly defined framework - from quote, to contract and eSignature

Intelligent Workflow

Armatic's intelligent workflow eliminates passing process steps between departaments


Price table integrated quotes ensure accurate proposals for your customers.


Accepted proposals trigger attached contract templates to be eSigned by your customers.


Signed contracts trigger the invoice or subscription creation for your customers, including a request for payment via your custom branded client portal.

With Armatic's quote to cash workflow, your sales team is empowered along the way at each step to provide accurate proposals and get immediate insight into signed contracts, payments and delays. No need to contract other departaments across your organisation.