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#receivables, #trends August 17, 2016

It’s almost a relief once you hit the new one-click collections button to know that your invoices will be taken care of for you at better-than-industry rates.

Easy buttons and better rates, you say? That’s why we’re excited. Rather than the industry average of a 25% to 35% cut of the amount on your invoice, we thought that rather than take a brokerage fee, we’d just make our service the most user-friendly in the business. We aren’t taking a brokerage fee which means that the collections company we are working with is only taking 20% fixed. That’s anywhere from 5% to 15% less than other places. More cash for you means more to reinvest into the company and better profits down the line.

Fixed means that you shouldn’t worry about what variables are on the invoice like how far past due it is or the client’s history of payment. No surprises.


What’s more is the whole process of fully integrated into the software. Sending accounts receivable invoices into collections is disheartening to even the most callous accounts receivable staff. Rather than dwell on it while going through the process, we made it a quick and easy button in the software.

It’s a one-click button. That’s it. One click once you made the decision to send any one invoice to collections. Once you’ve made that click, you are done. No further action. No further responsibilities. Focus on bringing in the more promising invoices, and we take care of the rest.

You have too many other things to worry about in your business. Let us take the collections worry off your hands by clicking here to try it free. There’s no obligation. No commitments from you. Just give it a try and see if Armatic is a good fit for your business.


Max Golovnia | Co-Founder & CTO

Armatic Technologies, Inc.

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