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Armatic is a powerful, data-driven customer payment and recurring billing AR platform.
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Put your invoice follow ups on auto pilot

Armatic's powerful invoice intelligence platform automates every possible task in your invoice collection process, while you maintain full control of the process. Integrated automated communication tools include:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Letters
  • Phone Calls

Free customer credit scoring with the Armatic Payee Risk Score.

The simple to read Armatic Payee Risk Score is created by looking at your customers payment history, online data profiles, demographic and other available data about your customers. We constantly update our model based with machine learning and adjustments in your customer category.

Don't worry, you can always overwrite the Armatic and set you own score based on your experience with your customers.


Armatic helps you to get paid faster and more reliably.

Leveraging a customers risk score and our intelligent payment plan suggestion, you can identify bad actors early and move them into a appropriate payment plan early in your receivable lifecycle - to get paid - instead of writing off the invoice.

We work with your existing accounting
software and payment options!

No need for duplicate data entry when managing your invoice process. We pull your invoice data right from either Xero, FreshBooks or QuickBooks Online and work with all payment options you provide.

XERO Any Payment Provider Stripe Wepay QuickBooks FreshBooks Sage Oracle
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